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The goals of Armadillo Property Management are to ensure consistent, high standards of property maintenance, thorough and accurate accounting, and consistent leasing practices that will ensure the best possible return on your income property investment. A personal interest is taken in every property that has been entrusted to our care, be it a studio apartment, a three bedroom house or a multi-unit complex. Our professional staff is available to answer your questions and to resolve your concerns.

We will provide the resources, expertise, and services you need to ensure the security and productivity of your rental property investment. We will help you to establish a higher standard of property maintenance, resident selection, and the aggressive marketing that your investment needs in order to be profitable.

In Conclusion

Armadillo Property Management has built a reputation for offering quality rental properties that are professionally managed, well maintained and profitable. Our company is large enough to offer all the services you need, yet we haven’t lost the personal touch that made our growth possible. We are dedicated to the principles of professional, ethical property management. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of excellence- we expect the same from our contractors and we expect no less from our investors. We put our name and reputation on the line every time we lease a property. Armadillo Property Management stands for consistent quality, prompt attention to detail and the friendly service that our clients have come to expect. We hope the information we’ve provided has been helpful. Please contact us by email or phone if you need any additional assistance.

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Severance Property Management

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Severance Property Management is a dedicated firm specializing in overseeing and optimizing real estate assets in various locations. With a focus on efficiency, they excel in tenant relations, lease administration, and property maintenance. Severance Property Management employs industry expertise to navigate regulatory complexities and ensure compliance. By leveraging their services, property owners benefit from increased property values and streamlined operations. Through effective management, Severance Property Management contributes to a seamless and prosperous real estate experience for clients.