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Moving Out

Moving is a hectic time, we understand. Let’s go through the steps to make sure that your move out goes smoothly.

Have you given us 60 days Notice?

For example, if your lease is up at the end of July we need to know by the end of May at the very very latest if you are renewing your lease or moving. Most of our turnover occurs in May, June, & July. If your lease end date is in that timeline, we will start asking you if you know your plans early in the spring.

Your carpets must be professionally cleaned.

Unless otherwise stated in your lease, we require that we have a receipt from a professional carpet cleaning company. We have included a list of recommended carpet cleaners in the Moving Letter we will be sending you when we schedule your check-out time. If the carpet cleaning is inadequate, we will have the carpets recleaned. Make sure to tell your carpet cleaner if you have pets or if they need to do any extra, deep cleaning.

Your residence must be cleaned.

There will be a suggested cleaning checklist on the back of the Moving Letter. The most often neglected areas are walls, baseboards, window trims & tracks, and mini-blinds.

The Move Out Inspection

We will need three things from you:

  • Your carpet cleaning receipt
  • Your forwarding address
  • Any keys, mail keys, garage keys/openers

Your security deposit

Resident(s) understand that one check will be issued payable in the names of ALL Residents listed on the lease. Resident(s) agrees that this security deposit may not be used to offset any month’s rent, and that the full monthly rent will be paid every month as agreed in this lease including the last month of occupancy.

The security deposit may, at Landlord’s discretion be retained for amounts due to Landlord including but not limited to unpaid rent, unpaid utilities, late fees, NSF fees, assignment fees, Roommate transfer fees, cost of repairs, cleaning costs and other costs incurred by the Landlord, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Normal wear and tear means deterioration which occurs without negligence, carelessness, accident or abuse. Any amount in excess of any damage, cleaning, or repair costs or unpaid rent shall be returned to the Resident without interest within 60 (sixty) days following the termination of this agreement or the surrender and acceptance of the premises by the Landlord, whichever occurs last. Resident understands and agrees that the security deposit shall not be credited as payment for advance rent. Landlord shall have the right to apply such portion(s) of the security deposit reasonably necessary to remedy any default(s) by Resident in the payment of rent, late fees or any other sum, or to repair any damage to the remises or to Landlord’s property caused by Resident and Resident shall replenish the portion(s) of the security deposit applied towards Resident’s default(s) upon written notice from Landlord. Resident shall not be entitled to any interest income earned on the security deposit.