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Armadillo Property Management provides housing to the general public without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, marital status, creed, ancestry, sexual orientation or disability. All employees of Armadillo Property Management are committed to full compliance with Fair Housing Standards. Armadillo Property Management is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Colorado. Beverly Perina is the Managing Broker.

Armadillo Property Management offers a wide variety of rental properties- everything from studio apartments to five bedroom houses, and anything in-between. Our properties are located throughout Fort Collins, so we can help you find an apartment close to the Colorado State University campus, an Old Town home or apartment, something more suburban, or a home convenient to the major technology employers on Harmony Road.

Spring and Summer Leasing

We'll have plenty of properties from which to choose this Spring and Summer, but we won't know which ones will be available until May at the earliest. Our current residents will have the first option to renew the leases where they are currently living. We'll be contacting them in early May to find out their plans for the coming year. As soon as they give us notice that they'll be moving, we list that property as being available on our web site. Properties will become available from mid-May through the end of July, and those who are checking our web site frequently will have the best advantage over those who are relying on the newspaper for information on available properties. The following is a basic outline of how our leasing and application process works, with answers to the most common questions we receive. A more detailed explanation of our criteria is attached to each application.

The Fort Collins rental housing market can be very competitive, with more people looking for housing than we have housing available, especially in the Spring and Summer. Following these steps will simplify your search, and increase the probability that you'll get the place you want.

Approval Criteria

  • An applicant's monthly income should be twice the monthly rent to lease without restriction.
  • An applicant will need verifiable current and former landlord references, if references are required. Current and former landlords will be contacted to supply reference information.
  • Each applicant's credit will be checked through Factual Data.
  • Reference checks and credit report findings will result in a final score for each applicant. Applicants with acceptable but less than optimal scores will be required to have a co-signer or pay a double deposit.
  • Armadillo Property Management reserves the right to deny any applicant who doesn't meet minimum qualification standards.
  • Agency Disclosure

    Armadillo Property Management, Inc. is contracted with and acts as an agent and advocate for the owner of the property. Any negotiations will be made on behalf of the owner, and all information disclosed to Armadillo by you must be disclosed to the owner of the property.

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